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Fridge Organization Tips

Learn how clean and organize your fridge with 6 quick tips!

Today is not just any old ordinary day. It’s National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day!

You might be asking yourself whether this is real. The answer is yes…yes it is. Each year on November 15th we celebrate a holiday that isn’t as well known as the other ‘heavy hitters’ in November, but one that I’ve found to be very important. Let’s face it, there is probably at least one UGO (Unidentified Green Object) in your fridge right now that needs to be tossed. Participating in this holiday not only means that you’ll finally get to pinpoint what’s been wrapped up in foil and thrown in the corner for months, but you’ll also be making space for the upcoming holidays.

So, how exactly do we celebrate? Follow these steps and you’ll have the cleanest fridge on the block in no time.

1. Inventory. Empty the entire fridge by taking everything out and place it on the countertop. If things are really packed in there and you feel like this may take more than an hour to complete this step, be sure to have a cool place to store perishables. No one wants to be sick before the holidays.

2. Dispose & Consolidate. Now is the time to use those Inspector Gadget skills. Check the date on each item and look for expired food. If the expiration date is approaching and you know that you probably won’t use that item before that time, feel free to toss it out. This is a good time to inspect packaging for damage and you can also wipe down stick bottles and jars.

3. Consolidate. Since everything is in a bird’s eye view, you may as well take the extra step and consolidate any of the same items that are open so that you can save on space. If you don’t absolutely have to have two bottles of mustard open then marry them together – they’ll be happier that way.

4. Clean. Remove the shelves and drawers so that you can deep clean the space with hot, soapy water. Wipe down the walls, wash the shelves and drawers, and anything else that may be going back into space. If you want to take the extra step, now is the time to vacuum coils in the back of the fridge (if your model has them) and clean the floor underneath.

5. Organize. You’ve got a clean slate – quite literally! If you don’t have a preferred layout, then follow these general rules:

a. Upper shelves: Leftovers and foods that are ready-to-eat

b. Lower shelves: Dairy, eggs, and raw meat

c. Doors: Condiments, juice, and water

d. Crisper drawers: Fruits and veggies

6. Don’t forget the doors! Now that you’ve cleaned the inside of your fridge make sure that the outside matches. Wipe down the front as well as the doors and handles and even the deal around the edge of the door. For stainless surfaces, use a microfiber cloth and stainless steel surface spray. For enameled steel, use a multi-surface spray and paper towels.

You’ve earned yourself a rest, so… hold off on that grocery shopping for another day and go enjoy your nice, clean, organized refrigerator. 

Put your feet up and celebrate a job well done Tidy Team!




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